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After Dark Audio was originally created as a Bonus site.
However, as DominatrixAnnabelle.Com has evolved immensely
over the years, I am now merging my audio stories with my new
'Members Exclusive' section found on DominatrixAnnabelle.Com.

I am amalgamating all sites into DominatrixAnnabelle.Com in order to
ease your experience when accessing the site. Rather than having to
enter your username and password every time you wish to enter one
of the sites, the process will be reduced to just one entry!


* * * * * * * * *


Sink into my heavenly audio stories, while you pass the time on the
train, or perhaps while you are snug in bed indulging in your favourite
drink! With After Dark Audio, you can download the files in MP3
format and play them at any time in the privacy of your home!

"After Dark" was inspired by my love for delicious dark Chocolate! It is
something I occasionally indulge in, while in bed late at night, writing
stories! My passion for creative writing is at it's best when I'm nestled in
bed enjoying a sumptuous glass of red wine. As soon as my juices
begin to flow, I pull out my laptop, and begin writing.

It's usually after midnight when my thoughts become incredibly vivid,
full of vibrant colour, reliving past experiences. Sometimes my thoughts
are so explicit, I'm overwhelmed with stimulated sensations!

These stories are full of hot, steamy debauchery, and sheer
wickedness! This is where you get an insight deep into my mind!
My thoughts and feelings are revealed with candour and passion.


Here are just some of the titles that appear on my main website.


My Fetish Journal.

Muscle Manipulation.

Leather Erotica.

Lady of the Manor.

Stiletto Fever.

Lipstick on your Collar.

Expect the Unexpected.

Summer Femme Fatale.

Goddess of Power.

Leather Gloved Goddess.

Lipstick, Nails and Stilettos.

My Best Friend.

Passion and Debauchery.

It is my Inner Sanctum, my very Personal Repertoire of Fetish Erotica!

So remember to drop by every once in a while, and look to see if I've
produced another story. Just to advise if you're not aware, stories are actually
very difficult to write, to make them coherent, and easy to read. That is time
consuming, and for me I produce a number of drafts before I'm as happy as
I can be, and then I will produce the final edit before recording it in audio.

The end result is realism!





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